God of War Ragnarok fan shows off incredible tattoo based on Kratos’ weapons

God of War Ragnarok fan shows off incredible tattoo based on Kratos’ weapons

God of War Ragnarok fan shows off incredible tattoo based on Kratos’ weapons

From the fresh ink of a Santa Monica God of War Ragnarok super fan is an incredibly well done homage to the franchise.

A fan of God of War Ragnarok shares a new tattoo emblazoned with several of the weapons used in the game under a banner written half in Greek and half in Old Norse. This impressive tribute to the 2018s God of the war and more 2022 God of War Ragnarok shows the profound effect the critically acclaimed series has had on its fanbase.

Santa Monica delivered a worthy successor to its triumphant 2018 God of the war. Released November 9, 2022, God of War Ragnarok was a smash hit, selling 5.1 million units in its opening weekend, being hailed as Game of the Year contender and providing enough staying power to be the UK’s best-selling title. Kingdom in the last week of 2022. Sony Santa Monica also announced that an update for God of War Ragnarok will arrive in Spring 2023, which will include the much-requested new Game+ mode, among other additions.


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Reddit user konner1031 took to the platform to launch his new God of the war tattoo. In a realistic black and white style with some tracing style influence and a sparse but effective use of contrasting colors, the tattoo depicts the ax of Leviathan supported upright with the blades of chaos crossed in the lower foreground. The tribute to the mystical weapons wielded by Kratos is placed on a banner that reads “Remember Life”, in Old Norse on its left side, and “Remember Death”, in Greek on its right. The subtle change in language is a clever homage to Kratos’ troubled past and the first pantheon of gods he bloodied through.

Tattoos play an important role in God of the war universe, Norse mythology and several Norse cultures, making konner1031’s cool ink a clever and branded homage to the series. The trademark red tattoo that adorns Kratos was engraved in honor of his brother Deimos after he was thrown into Hades by Ares and Athena. As for honoring God of the war series, konner1031 is the latest in a long line of God of the war tattoos. There are some amazing examples, and this might be one of the best.

No information is known about Sony Santa Monica’s next entry into the God of the war series. Whether it’s a spin-off series featuring Atreus or Kratos hacking and slashing his way through a whole new pantheon of gods, one certainty is that there will be plenty more killer tattoos. inspired by the upcoming series.

God of War Ragnarok is available for PS4 and PS5.

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