Gamer’s Atari game collection is infested with a huge colony of ants

Gamer’s Atari game collection is infested with a huge colony of ants

Gamer’s Atari game collection is infested with a huge colony of ants

A colony of ants takes up residence in a collection of classic Atari games, and the player manages to get a sense of the strange occurrence.

A player received a shock when he discovered that a colony of ants had infiltrated his Atari game collection and made a nest inside. While bugs and arachnids make their homes in gaming gear and consoles is nothing new, this recent infestation in a crate full of Atari games is probably one of the biggest.

When many people think of the early days of video games, Atari is probably one of the companies that comes to mind. It released a number of systems over the years, with the Atari 2600 becoming one of the most popular video game consoles in the late 1970s and early 1980s, capable of playing many classic games of the time. While many nostalgic gamers have fond memories of these iconic games, one person has revealed that a bunch of bugs have taken an interest in retro titles as well.


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Taking to Reddit, a user known as rain-is-wet shared a photo of part of his Atari game collection. However, this was no ordinary image, as it revealed the games had become infested with ants. In fact, the image taken by the Reddit user showed the tiny creatures covering the entire case where the game collection was stored. When posting the photo on Reddit, rain-is-wet simply said, “Ants built a nest in my Atari game collection :(.” The scowling face summed up their feelings for the new residents.

This unusual event has gained popularity in the gaming community on Reddit. In fact, the post managed to get an incredible 45.4,000 upvotes in less than a day. In the comments section, many players had something to say about the strange infestation. Unsurprisingly, some players made jokes about the situation. For example, one user dubbed the bug-infested game collection “Antari.”

While many gamers had fun joking about the Atari collection which included games like Pac man and Missile Command, a number of other fans tried to help rain-is-wet get rid of the infestation. Among the comments, the prevailing opinion was to leave the console in the sun, theorizing that the heat would cause the ants to move to another location. Interestingly, the rain is wet revealed that was what they ended up doing and said the colony was gone by the end of the day. “No trace, all games work,” they noted.

Although discovering a colony of ants living in a collection of old games is not very common, other gamers have shared similar stories of insects taking up residence in video game consoles. For example, another user previously revealed that a spider had created a web inside their Xbox Series X. Time will tell what other unusual game-related animal stories will be shared in the coming days.

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