Funny Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Glitch turns NPC eyes into flashlights

Funny Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Glitch turns NPC eyes into flashlights

Funny Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Glitch turns NPC eyes into flashlights

Another hilarious bug discovered in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet causes an NPC character to emit beams of light from their eyes.

One Pokemon scarlet and violet The player is reporting another bug he found in recent entries in the beloved franchise, with this weird glitch that causes an NPC trainer to emit beams of light from his eyes similar to a flashlight. Gen 9 games have had no shortage of hilarious, questionable and often downright ridiculous bugs since their release, and new clips shared on social media prove that fans continue to discover new technical issues in Pokemon scarlet and violet even months after launch.


Like most players inside and outside the Pokemon the community will surely know by now, scarlet and purple are infamous for their poor technical polish since their launch. The games’ massively disappointing graphics quality, glaring performance issues, and seemingly relentless onslaught of bugs are primarily to blame for the rating downgrade for scarlet and purple on Metacritic to lowest score of all major series Pokemon titles in franchise history. While the games have caught a lot of flack for bugs, the vast majority of them encountered by players are thankfully not likely to cause any significant issues, with many of them setting up some rather amusing moments instead. .

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A prime example of such a telltale glitch was shared in a Reddit post by user SnakeForce, one of the many active fans of the new Pokemon Games. The player noticed an odd detail on the eyes of a Pokemon Trainer NPC during their post-battle animation, which seemed to shoot beams of light through the fog like flashlights. While it’s safe to assume enemy trainers probably aren’t meant to run around with eye bulbs on, another fan speculates that this rare occurrence could be the result of reflective issues in certain lighting conditions.

Although this is far from what could be considered the strangest problem of scarlet and purple So far, this isn’t even the first wacky eye-related bug players have encountered either. A hilarious glitch shared by a gamer shortly after the games released involves a running player character with his eyes sticking out several inches from his face, resulting in a clip that went viral on Twitter.

While the array of technical issues may deter many gamers from purchasing the latest Gen 9 titles, it’s worth noting that many fans have found themselves fully enjoying scarlet and purple thanks to new open world mechanics and gameplay features. Although many even went so far as to crown the new games as their favorites in the franchise, the initial reaction from fans on social media was clear in its message that the quality of the new games at launch fell far short of expected standards.

Pokemon scarlet and violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

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