Fortnite’s upcoming in-game concert plans leaked

Fortnite’s upcoming in-game concert plans leaked

Fortnite’s upcoming in-game concert plans leaked

A leak reveals Epic Games’ plans for Fortnite’s next in-game concert, which could arrive sooner than many players expected.

The following Fortnite The in-game concert could be coming soon, and details regarding Epic Games’ plans have already leaked. Fortnite has become a destination for exciting music events, to the surprise of many. Music events by Travis Scott, Marshmello, Diplo, Ariana Grande and more have proven a flashy way to bring massive audiences to Fortnite and draw attention to performers. The next music star appearing in Fortnite seems fixed.

There are several types of musical experiences in Fortnite, event to event. These include live events like Travis Scott’s Astronomical. These types of events involve the provision of a unique playlist and can only be experienced via scheduled start times. Alternatively, there are Party Royale events, which are more laid back experiences that regularly start much like a normal Fortnite match. The bigger performances tend to be live events, where they get more attention, while the smaller acts tend to be Party Royale events, where they can focus in the longer term.


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The following Fortnite gig, according to Insider Gaming, will be the Kid LAROI. Leaked details have indicated that the Fortnite x the Kid LAROI concert will begin on January 24 or 25, but it will remain available for a month after its debut. The report, unfortunately, was unable to confirm details regarding the format or availability of microtransactions, although it is likely to be a Party Royale event with purchasable skins.

The Kid LAROI is an Australian rapper and singer who quickly rose to popularity following the release of his Juice Wrld collab “Go” in 2020. The 19-year-old has since released collabs with musicians including Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber . Needless to say, he’s a rising star, and given his stardom kicked off during the pandemic, he’s used the online reach with particular success. A collaboration with Fortnite makes a lot of sense in this context.

Fortnite has featured a number of major collaborations over the past few months, but musical partnerships have been surprisingly rare. Epic Games has partnered with black adam, star warsPolo Ralph Lauren, my hero academia, and more. The last musical partnership may date back to October 2022 with Aya Nakamura.

What makes Kid LAROI’s musical partnership particularly interesting is that it will be the first since the Epic Games update. Fortnite to Unreal Engine 5.1. That could mean improved visuals for collaboration, or other fun tricks and experiences to check out. However, the collaboration has not yet been officially confirmed. If the end of January date is correct, then Fortnite players should expect an announcement soon.

Fortnite is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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