Filmmaker Michael Bay accused of killing Pigeon in Italy

Filmmaker Michael Bay accused of killing Pigeon in Italy

Filmmaker Michael Bay accused of killing Pigeon in Italy

Michael Bay has been accused of killing a pigeon while making a film in Italy. The filmmaker, however, denies that such a thing ever happened under his watch.

The alleged bird murder happened in 2018, while Bay was filming on the set of the Netflix movie 6 Undergroundaccording to a report from TMZ.

Italian prosecutors say the pigeon was killed by a cart during the film’s production in Rome, where it is illegal to harm or kill wild birds. Italian authorities also noted that someone on set saw the incident and took a photo before reporting it to police.

Production-related sources, however, told the outlet that all of the pigeons landed safely during the filming of 6 Underground.

“Everyone knows Michael is an animal advocate. It would never happen on his set,” a source said. “There are dozens of witnesses who said it didn’t happen.”

Although Bay didn’t harm any birds himself, he was reportedly charged because he was the film’s director. The filmmaker tried to have the case dismissed several times, but to no avail, TMZ added.

Bay reportedly had the option of paying a small fine to settle the case, but he refused, saying he would not plead guilty to harming an animal.

File/Michael Bay attends the Los Angeles Premiere of ‘Ambulance’ at Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on April 04, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (David Livingston/FilmMagic)

Italian cities are notorious for being overcrowded with pigeons, often referred to as “sky rats”, as they are known to carry disease.

According to a report by The Republic.

“Victims were found face up on the ground, on sidewalks and in gardens,” the report said. “So many dead pigeons – every day bodies are found and the number of corpses is increasing rapidly.”

The mayors of Italian cities have also acknowledged their problem of overpopulation of pigeons.

In 2021, for example, Maurizio Colombo, the mayor of Cardano al Campo, passed an ordinance to “protect decorum, hygiene and public health” by banning citizens from feeding pigeons in a bid to keep its population under control. control, The Republic reported.

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