FC Barcelona

The reason behind this is that FC Barcelona means freedom for all the catalogs and it is 1 of the 3 football clubs that has never really gave it to the Segunda division the subsidy of Liga.

Club won match’s

Barcelona club is 1 of the most successful representatives of the Spanish football with football clubs around FC Barcelona has 23 Liga 26 Spanish cups 10 Spanish super cups and for even the work also within the European me if you are Salona has 5 Champions Cup for Cup winners Cup 3 fairs cups U. E. F. A. European league Cup today 5 you B. F. A. super cops and finally to club world cups FC Barcelona achieve their first by winning all 6 football tournaments to which they applied.

FC Barcelona ground

in 2009 the club plays its matches in his home town new the new field since 1957 well with a seating capacity of 90 9000 it is the largest stadium in Spain by capacity the supporters of the club recalled. 

FC Barcelona’s star is famous total football philosophy with the Dutch legend Johan Cruyff generally implemented as 433 the system can be summarized as offense as a team defense has a team from right cards and pick 1 of the older used to system and reach the huge success of course it would be a pity not to mention the el Clasico when talking about the FC Barcelona and the Spanish football match between FC real Madrid and FC Barcelona is known as the el Clasico well this competition goes way back to the Spanish Civil War and the el Clasico games are as important as national matches to the Spanish people another important point about 50 percent loan is that the team has never ever accept the ads on the team jerseys however in 2006 the team is reaching agreement with UNICEF as a result the UNICEF logo if you don’t if you pressed along the Jersey although the team did any money from the. Well as they can with what for 5 years FC Barcelona donated 1.€5000000 to the UNICEF annually well that brings me to the annual.