Everything We Know About ‘Ginny And Georgia’ Season 3 On Netflix

Everything We Know About ‘Ginny And Georgia’ Season 3 On Netflix

Everything We Know About ‘Ginny And Georgia’ Season 3 On Netflix

Netflix’s new #1 show is Ginny and Georgia, back for season 2 after a long delay. Season 1 aired in February 2021, which means it’s been almost two years, yet another victim of pandemic-related delays.

Now the question is open: will Ginny and Georgia be renewed for season 3?

These days, as always, all bets are off with Netflix. It hasn’t gotten an early or instant renewal yet, as we sometimes (rarely) see, and yet it’s doing well with its #1 debut here. But we do know a lot about a potential Season 3 from those making the show itself.

There’s a new Deadline interview with the Ginny and Georgia creator (Sarah Lampert) and showrunner (Debra J. Fisher), where they state for the first time that they just haven’t discussed Season 3 yet. with Netflix:

“No, there haven’t been discussions with Netflix about season 3. They’re very strict about how they do things. So there’s really a strategy in place where I think we’re going. give it up, and then we have to wait and see how it goes and if we’re going to see season 3, but I sure hope we do because it’s going to be a wild ride.”

The good news is that Ginny and Georgia fell for a fairly uncompetitive period with other series at the start of the new year here, and with her stellar performances early on, it’s off to a good start. But we know that Netflix considers other metrics like percent complete, and we’ve seen past data on Netflix canceling shows after no more than two seasons because they think that doesn’t generate enough new subscribers.

That said, the creator and showrunner are trying a lot to make Season 3 talk about existence. They bring up Season 3 numerous times throughout the interview. Here’s what they hope to dig up then. Spoilers follow.

  • The show will be really different in season 3, especially because Georgia was actually arrested for murder, which ends season 2 on a pretty huge cliffhanger.
  • They want to throw a number of “surprises” in Season 3 that they have already planned.
  • They will dig deeper into Austin and what he witnessed in Season 2, and how it will affect him.
  • There’s a missing scene between Georgia helping Cynthia and the arrest itself, which is meant to be explored in Season 3.
  • They will explore how or if Paul remains faithful to his new wife after her arrest in Season 3.
  • They’ll deal more with the eating disorder featured in Season 2, as they wanted to take their time and show that it couldn’t be wrapped up perfectly in one season.

In conclusion “there is so much that could potentially happen in Season 3, it’s almost overwhelming.”

They’re really, really shooting hard for a Season 3 here, with so much on the table story-wise. Sure, it wouldn’t be the first Netflix series to be canceled with more content planned or after a huge cliffhanger, but I dunno, this one would be pretty unforgivable. So far, it looks like Ginny and Georgia is doing pretty well for Season 3, but never say never with Netflix lately. More to come, stay tuned.

Update (1/10): Over time, the more I think the evidence grows for a Ginny and Georgia Season 3 renewal:

  • The series is still No. 1 after a few days, and for the rest of the month, I don’t see anything obvious that can topple it. The biggest shows for the rest of this month are Vikings Valhalla and That ’90s Show, and I believe this air date was chosen quite deliberately so that it wouldn’t be overwhelmed by anything else.
  • Compared to other Netflix shows, Ginny and Georgia is not a high cost production. No fantasy or special effects required. No elaborate fight scenes. And not huge A-list stars with big salaries to pay. Even as a fan of this show, I had to Google the names of Ginny and Georgia themselves, actresses Brianne Howey and Antonia Gentry. They’re just not big stars (although if the show is renewed, I hope they can negotiate deserved pay rises).
  • This is a series that Netflix has not loaned to another production house. It’s not a situation like Wednesday, where the rights belong to MGM and now to Amazon, requiring some kind of additional negotiation to ensure future seasons get made. In-house series are more likely to be renewed than those that Netflix does not fully own.
  • Well, I at least hope Netflix is ​​tired of the recent series of headlines about them killing shows too soon, ending a lot of series on cliffhangers, and season 2 of Ginny and Georgia is rages with cliffhangers. In that case, they’d easily piss off a few million fans if they ended the story with no resolution for those characters. That said, I hope the showrunners and Netflix have a conversation about when the show should ending, and then everyone can expect a consistent ending rather than doing this dance every year indefinitely.

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