Elon Musk closes international Twitter offices like Singapore, Europe

Elon Musk closes international Twitter offices like Singapore, Europe

Elon Musk closes international Twitter offices like Singapore, Europe

  • Twitter is leaving at least a dozen international offices due to closures or non-payment of rent.
  • Hubs in Europe and even Twitter headquarters in Asia are closed.
  • The closures come amid cost-cutting, layoffs and layoffs under Twitter owner Elon Musk.

Elon Musk is closing many of his international Twitter offices as he continues to cut costs and try to find ways the company can make money.

At least a dozen international offices are closed or in the process of being closed, according to two people familiar with the company and messages seen by Insider, along with several more in the United States that are expected to close in the coming weeks. The shutdowns are also expected to see a few hundred Twitter employees lose their jobs, in addition to the thousands of people who have already been fired, fired or chosen to quit since Musk took over Twitter just over two years ago. month.

Some closed offices include those in Hong Kong and the Philippines, as well as in Mexico and Africa, where all Twitter employees were laid off in November, according to people familiar. Offices in Australia, Korea and most offices in Europe and India are also closed or expected to close in the coming weeks, the people familiar added, asking not to be identified discussing the affairs of the business.

A major office in Singapore, Twitter’s Asia headquarters, is also closed due to non-payment of rent, the people familiar with, as well as noted on twitter by Platformer journalist Casey Newton. The owner of the Twitter-occupied building in Singapore could not be reached for comment. Some other offices are also closing because Twitter hasn’t paid its rent, one of the people familiar with said.

Twitter previously had more than two dozen international offices covering nearly every region of the world. Now there is internal talk of limiting offices to a handful, such as major cities in the United States, namely San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles, as well as globally in London, Tokyo and Dublin, the company said. one of the familiar people.

A Twitter representative did not respond to an email seeking comment.

Twitter’s last office opening was in 2021 in Ghana, the company’s first official presence in Africa.

“To truly serve the public conversation, we need to be more immersed in the rich and vibrant communities that drive the conversations happening every day on the African continent,” said former executive Kayvon Beykpour. wrote in a company blog post at the time.

The Singapore office, which opened in 2015, even expanded last year, with more office space and engineers brought in to expand into the region.

“The expansion of our engineering centers outside the United States accelerates our commitment to creating a truly global, inclusive and accessible product by creating a more distributed workforce,” Twitter wrote in a statement on expanding its presence in Singapore.

As for the other international offices, most were smaller outposts for business operations, including engineering and advertising sales. Advertising accounts for almost all of Twitter’s revenue, but the company has struggled under Musk.

With a deteriorating financial situation and ambitious subscription revenue plans that failed to materialize, Musk began to continually cut costs and make layoffs. Perks, perks, and even concierge staff have been reduced. Last week, Twitter made further layoffs in the Trust and Safety and Monetization departments, and individual employees are still frequently fired for disliking Musk in some way.

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