Dragon Quest Treasures gets a surprise demo

Dragon Quest Treasures gets a surprise demo

Dragon Quest Treasures gets a surprise demo

Square Enix confirms a Dragon Quest Treasures demo with an announcement to coincide with its shadow drop on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Square Enix surprised the dragon quest community with a long shadow Treasures of Dragon Quest demo that can give potential buyers an idea of ​​what to expect from the full game before purchase. Even though Treasures of Dragon Quest was released in December and many modern games are getting demos before launch, some fans have to wait until later to try before they buy, and that’s the case with this dragon quest spin off.

The Square Enix and dragon quest Twitter accounts have both confirmed that Treasures of Dragon Quest received a Nintendo Switch demo just a month after release. Because Treasures of Dragon Quest Only a month old, many potential owners haven’t hit the buy button yet, but the demo can help them make a decision. As with the recently released One Piece Odyssey which had a pre-launch demo, any gameplay a player works on while playing the part of the game in the Treasures of Dragon Quest The trial will carry over to a save file in the full version of the game.


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Treasures of Dragon Quest‘ and Square Enix Twitter confirmed to their audience that the Treasures of Dragon Quest The demo not only gives a taste of the RPG, but players will also get a boost for their pile of buddy balls that can help them on their adventure. A video attached to the announcement shows Erik and Mia embarking on their journey to Draconia as depicted in the game’s opening moments, quickly transitioning into an airship, something that has become synonymous with the series. Similar to the airship, the clip also shows monsters that are normally assigned to the dragon quest franchise like Blue and Pink Slime, Restless Armour, and Dracky, which players can obtain to aid in their adventures.

Some Treasures of Dragon Quest features that were announced for the demo include recruiting monsters, treasure vision which allows players to see hidden chests, and limited open-world exploration. The five buddy balls that Treasures of Dragon Quest fans can use to recruit monsters more easily will be unlocked once a demo player upgrades to the full version of the game. The save data that will be transferred at the same time may attract some dragon quest fans to try treasures considering the amount of tutorial content often experienced in the first few moments of a game and the number of hours required to complete the game.

Because the demo focuses on Treasures of Dragon Quest‘ introduction, players cannot acquire any of the Dragonstones, making buddy balls the only potential benefit given to fans trying out this free version. Since Square Enix hasn’t revealed how long the demo will last, it’s currently unclear how long Treasures of Dragon Quest players will be able to participate in the trial until they reach an early payout wall.

Treasures of Dragon Quest is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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