Disney Dreamlight Valley Gamer Shows Off Lisa Frank-Inspired Outfit

Disney Dreamlight Valley Gamer Shows Off Lisa Frank-Inspired Outfit

Disney Dreamlight Valley Gamer Shows Off Lisa Frank-Inspired Outfit

A Disney Dreamlight Valley player looks to the 1990s and Lisa Frank for inspiration, creating a dress that could have easily appeared in her art.

A player of Disney Valley of Dreams created a charming dress design based on Lisa Frank’s aesthetic. The Disney Valley of Dreams The dress is quickly gaining popularity among fellow gamers and 1990s nostalgics.

The name Lisa Frank may not ring true to young gamers, but at some point it would have been hard for someone to walk into a stationery store or school without seeing a Lisa Frank product. The brand got its start in the late 1970s, but grew in popularity during the 1990s. The brand has always featured colorful, sparkly, almost psychedelic illustrations focusing on cute animals and mythical creatures, and the patterns appeared on everything from stickers to Trapper Keeper binders. Now a fan of Disney Valley of Dreams took advantage of the game’s customization options and created a dress based on Lisa Frank’s classic look.


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Reddit user Itskerchie shared an image of their design with other gamers and has since received a lot of praise. The dress is colored in vibrant shades of pink and purple and covered in paw prints, a rainbow, musical notes and a tiger: all common themes found on the classic works of art by Lisa Frank. The creative fan Disney Valley of Dreams The character also looks like it belongs in a Lisa Frank artwork, with hot pink pigtails, white and rainbow highlights, and lots of sparkles and decorative embellishments.

Fans were quick to chime in, expressing their appreciation for the design. Many noted that he did a great job of recreating classic Lisa Frank art, while others were nostalgic for their own Lisa Frank products from the 1990s. While Lisa Frank products are still in production today, classic items can be quite expensive to find through stockists, so creating something new that harkens back to Lisa Frank is a great way to celebrate art without breaking the bank.

It is far from being the first creation in Disney Valley of Dreams it’s rekindling the nostalgia of years gone by for the fans. Fans have worked hard basing dresses on a wide variety of characters and themes. Although Disney appealed to many generations, it’s no surprise that so many 1990s kids got into the game. The company experienced what’s called a Disney renaissance throughout the 1990s, so than movies like The little Mermaid, Mulane, The Lion Kingand Aladdin all released around this time. Many kids who grew up on some of Disney’s best deals are now playing Disney Valley of Dreams because it celebrates so many characters who were born in that era.

Disney Valley of Dreams is now available in Early Access for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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