Discover the surroundings of Buenos Aires

Discover the surroundings of Buenos Aires

Discover the surroundings of Buenos Aires

Summer has arrived in the southern hemisphere, and with it, a new opportunity to visit Buenos Aires, an accessible and even inexpensive city given the economic situation the country is going through. We recommend a few addresses near the capital to spend a weekend in bucolic places.

There are attractive destinations nearby that will make you forget the traffic jams, and offer you majestic rural landscapes and great gastronomic offers.


The launch of the Cumbre Mundial de Jóvenes sobre Turismo coincides with the Año Europeo de la Juventud.  (Photo via urbazon / E+).
It is worth going to Nordelta, in the bay of which you can have lunch and take a walk for a while surrounded by a beautiful lake.

Tigris and Delta Tour

The classic Mercado de Frutos (now a relevant design hub), the Victoria promenade and its Art Museum, the Casino Trillenium, and the historic center are some of the must-see places in the destination.

Despegar conducted a study to establish the ranking of the most visited destinations by Latin Americans last year. The first place is occupied by the city of Buenos Aires, followed by the Chilean capital, Santiago de Chile, and in third place Madrid, the only European city.

Costa Park

In Buenos Aires, Parque de la Costa is located at 1509 Vivanco Street in Tigre City and offers a wide range of entertainment for children and teenagers. And to twist this visit, it is worth going to Nordelta, in the bay of which you can have lunch and stroll for a while surrounded by a beautiful lake and restaurants, ice cream parlors and cafes. A proposal to enjoy an afternoon with family, couple or friends.

Only 30 kilometers. north of Buenos Aires, the Tigre district still leads the options for getaways close to the city. When spring and summer arrive (from December to May), an excellent proposal is to add a walk along the coast or a visit to the art museum, an outing for rowing. Not only clubs allow you to practice this activity.

There are also adventures such as Kanoo, which combines a nice walk along the streams and some basic rowing (in the case of beginners). Those who dare more can live more difficult experiences.

Kanoo’s gastronomic offer is of high quality and a great experience in itself (it is not necessary to go out paddling to taste the dishes), but it completes a good weekend programme.

The kayak experience activity is with a guide/instructor: it includes complete equipment, safety vests, technical presentation before departure, practice on the stream, then the descent into the rivers and inland streams. During the tour, the guide shares information about the ecosystem of the delta and we learn about the flora and fauna.

Esteros del Ibera
The town of Balcarce offers magnificent landscapes of its natural beauties: mountains, lagoons, streams and fertile valleys.

Circuit Balcarcé Laguna Brava

400 km from downtown Buenos Aires, the city of Balcarce offers breathtaking landscapes of natural beauty: mountains, lagoons, streams and fertile valleys. There is also the possibility of taking an exquisite bike ride, combining a weekend and a sporting activity that has more and more followers.

The Brava lagoon is a water mirror of 420 hectares whose depth varies between 4 and 6 meters, rich in flora and wildlife. The village can be visited with the simple objective of spending a day in the great outdoors, combining water and mountains, or take advantage of the visit to carry out various activities offered by the resorts located on the edge of the lagoon.

Iberá Wetlands Nature Reserve
San Pedro has landscapes with islands and estuaries which give it an interesting diversity of flora and fauna.

San Pedro: La Campina

This destination has several must-see places. San Pedro is 173 km north of Buenos Aires. It has landscapes with islands and estuaries that give it an interesting diversity of flora and fauna, preserved by the Rafael de Aguilar Park Nature Reserve.

In 1852, the city was the scene of the signing of the San Nicolás Agreement, a pre-existing pact that served as the basis for the National Constitution. The house where 13 provinces signed the document is now a museum, archives and historical library.

In this town, it is possible to combine gastronomy, walks, nature and landscapes. Monica Cahen D’Anvers and César Mascetti reveal the secrets of the family home in a very pleasant environment and with a highly recommended gastronomic proposal. There it is possible to detach from the house looking at the countryside and the orchard. And at tea time, don’t even think about the calories: the local sweets and desserts will be a delight at tea time.

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