Destinations for senior tourists in Latin America and the Caribbean

Destinations for senior tourists in Latin America and the Caribbean

Destinations for senior tourists in Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean have great places where seniors can spend fun and relaxed vacations in places of natural beauty and historical significance.

Here are some destinations where seniors will find fabulous places to rest and enjoy high-level accommodation and services.


panama city

In this city, which blends modernity with a colonial past, senior travelers find extraordinary places to spend the day with top-notch cuisine and sites of enormous historical and cultural tradition. The historic center of Panama City is full of cozy cafes, parks and restaurants where the elderly can rest and enjoy the city’s warm climate.

Moreover, they can stroll through its beautiful streets to admire the colonial architecture of the city, as well as the World Heritage sites.

Panama Canal
In Miraflores Lock, the elderly like to watch massive ships from the restaurant. (Photo courtesy of Hurtigruten).

In addition, they can visit the Metropolitan Natural Park to observe birds and rest in the middle of nature. Also, in the old town, they can see the Cathedral of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, the House of Alarcón, the Presidential Palace and the Church of San José.

For those who want to get to know the Panama Canal Zone, some tours take tourists to the iconic Miraflores Lock, where they can watch many boats pass by as they travel from coast to coast. In the large restaurant with gazebo, the elderly can rest and enjoy the journey of these huge ships, in addition to visiting the site museum to learn about the history of this marvel of modern engineering.


The beautiful sea views that Uruguay offers, in the capital Montevideo and in other parts of the country, are one of the great attractions that older tourists have and where they can rest, especially during the heat. of summer.

In Montevideo, elderly tourists enjoy short walks in front of the Río de la Plata, a place full of culture, history and an excellent restaurant offer with international dishes and a great diversity of wines.

Carmelo Vineyard, Uruguay
Uruguay is a great place for older visitors who love good food and good wine. (Photo courtesy of Avanti Destinations).

To spend the day relaxing on the beach, it is highly recommended to go to Piriápolis, a city near Montevideo, which has beautiful places where older tourists enjoy beautiful European architecture and excellent services in hotels, cafes and restaurants.

However, for those who want days of tranquility in an upscale neighborhood with luxury services and accommodations, Punta del Este is the ideal place because it is the high quality of accommodations, the diversity of beaches and the high cooking in the high gastronomy restaurants of the districts. like the Colonia Sacramento declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In addition, in the city of Rocha, seniors can enjoy excellent shopping centers and casino nights in fun entertainment venues.


This fabulous Caribbean island is perfect for seniors seeking relaxation in the face of extraordinary nature and climate, ideal for breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the white sands of Aruba’s beaches.

This fantastic Caribbean location guarantees an average temperature of 80 degrees throughout the year, making it the ideal place for those looking to rest and enjoy fresh seafood and refreshing cocktails by the beach. sea.

Aruba, Netherlands Antilles.  Divi divi tree on the beach (Photo Via sorincolac / iStock / Getty Images Plus)
Aruba’s beaches are perfect for seniors seeking relaxation. (Photo via sorincolac/iStock/Getty Images Plus).

One of Aruba’s most iconic landmarks is the iconic Arikok National Park, the largest protected reserve in the Caribbean that comprises 20% of the island. Older adults can reach this point by booking various excursions from the hotel. At this point, seniors can cool off in the calm waters of the natural pool and swim with endless fish in the warm water.

Also, for those who prefer more relaxed attractions, a good option is to stroll through Philip’s Animal Garden, an abandoned animal sanctuary with spaces to sit and admire various species.

Moreover, in Oranjestad, the capital of the country, senior citizens can take scenic transport to visit the city and enjoy the architecture which is a mixture of Dutch and local buildings.

Costa Rica

This small Central American country welcomes all types of tourists. Seniors offer exciting entertainment and relaxation options in places of incredible biodiversity and with good quality services in hotels and restaurants.

Manuel Antonio National Park is a great option for those looking to get to know the wildlife of this incredible country. At this nature reserve, accessible on tours from San Jose, older visitors get excellent views of the jungle without having to walk long distances.

Tropical bird in the rainforest of Costa Rica
Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica is a great option for older tourists. (Photo via Pixabay).

In addition, there are excursions specially designed for people aged 60 and over in other national parks, such as those of the Arenal and Irazú volcanoes, the hot springs of Tabacón, Tortuguero National Park, as well as several beaches. , mountain and valley destinations, such as Orosia and Lankester.

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