Dead Space Remake console performance options revealed

Dead Space Remake console performance options revealed

Dead Space Remake console performance options revealed

The Dead Space remake developer reveals a full suite of the game’s PC hardware requirements and all of the console’s various performance options.

Motive Studio, the developer of the next remake of dead space, officially revealed both the hardware requirements for the game and two special graphics modes that will be available to console gamers. Featuring a completely rebuilt and revamped version of legendary planet cracker USG Ishimura, the remake of the first entry in the classic horror franchise is no slouch in the graphics department.

As the just released 20 minutes of dead space Clearly shown gameplay footage, the game is a substantial visual upgrade over the 2008 original. Built on EA’s oft-used Frostbite engine, the new dead space title is going to enjoy all the modern bells and whistles that modern audiences are used to, and with the option to choose whether to prioritize performance or graphical fidelity.


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Atmospheric and gritty, many people think 2008 dead space the graphics still hold up to this day. The 2023 remake is a world apart, however, though it’s immediately apparent that the new title has paid close attention to the visual language and style of the original. In fact, the first dead space was praised for its dynamic shadows, and the remake will feature full-fledged ray tracing, should the player choose to use this technology in the first place. On Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, players will have the option to choose between RT-enabled 4K/30 FPS mode and RT-disabled 2K/60 FPS mode, depending on their preference.

Being one of the most anticipated games of January 2023, dead space Also going to be a very desirable PC game, where hardware requirements and graphics settings play a big part. Motive Studio revealed that the relatively modest Nvidia RTX 2070 and Radeon RX 6700 XT are the recommended GPU baseline. It’s worth pointing out, however, that no details were provided as to the target resolution and frame rate on PC, which makes this information less useful than it could have been.

Expectations for 2023 dead space remake are, unsurprisingly, rather high. Based on the footage revealed so far, Motive Studio has done an admirable job of staying true to what makes dead space special. At the same time, IP fans will have to wait for early reviews to be able to tell if the game is as good as it looks.

In fact, some horror fans may be wary of dead space following what many believe to be a poor performance by former DS developer Glen Schofield. Specifically, The Callisto Protocol fell short of its sales targets, and given that the game was billed as the spiritual successor to dead spaceit’s not hard to imagine that many gamers can wait and see how the remake pans out in practice before splurging on it.

dead space launches January 27 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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