Cuphead Nendoroid figures are now available for pre-order

Cuphead Nendoroid figures are now available for pre-order

Cuphead Nendoroid figures are now available for pre-order

Japanese figure maker Good Smile Company announces that pre-orders for Cuphead and Mugman Nendoroid figures are now open.

Nendoroid figures based on Cuphead are now available for pre-order on the Good Smile Company online store. For the uninitiated, The Good Smile Company is a well-known company that specializes in producing action figures based on popular video game properties. He is best known for making a variety of pop culture-based collectible action figures and statues, with his Nendoroid line being one of the most popular. One of the next releases in the collectible figure line will be based on the two main playable characters from Cuphead.


CupheadThe release of in 2017 immediately established itself as a modern classic among gamers. Between a charming 1930s rubber hose art style, an arduous development cycle, and intense difficulty, the legacy of Cuphead was rumored despite being just over five years old. This has resulted in collaborations with the game, such as a Netflix animated series, a set of costumes in both Super Smash Bros. and fall guys, and now a set of numbers in the Nendoroid line. Fans looking to purchase them can do so now, as pre-orders have opened for them.

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These figures adhere to the Nendoroid art style, being chibiized versions of the characters from the source material. The appearances of Cuphead and Mugman translate incredibly well to these characters, without changing too much to fit them. These figures come with three faceplates: one smiling, one determined, and even one evil based on Cuphead‘Sending in progress. The figures will also come with a set of attack effects and posing parts, meaning fans can create a variety of situations with them.

It should be noted that fans will need to purchase these two Cuphead figures separately, because it is not possible to group them. These nendoroids are available for pre-order now on the official Good Smile Company website, and they will cost around US$62 each. The expected ship date for these figures is August 23, 2023, although the date may change depending on circumstances.

Prototypes of these figures were first revealed last year, along with color photos of the figures featured at WonHobby Gallery’s Fall 2022 exhibit. This was revealed alongside other Good Smile personalities, such as a Fire Emblem Heroes Statue of Veronica with underworld and street fighter-themed Nendoroids. Cuphead has also been quite active in 2022, releasing the Delicious last course DLC and physical editions for fans to purchase.

Cuphead is available now on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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