Creepy The Last of Us Bug causes Ellie’s body to twist

Creepy The Last of Us Bug causes Ellie’s body to twist

Creepy The Last of Us Bug causes Ellie’s body to twist

A The Last Of Us player spots a bug that stretches and twists Ellie’s body, which others found both funny and creepy.

Another one The last of us A bug has surfaced, and this time it’s Ellie’s body writhing scarily. Players have spotted various bugs in the series in the past, so much so that someone even made a the last of us 2 compilation showing the glitches.

Released in 2013, The last of us is an action-adventure shooter that follows Joel and Ellie as they travel through post-apocalyptic America while fending off mutated cannibals called Clickers. After the game’s resounding success, developer Naughty Dog released a DLC titled The Last of Us: Left Behindwhich served as a prequel focusing on Ellie’s backstory, and the 2020 sequel The last of us 2. Currently, the popular video game has been adapted into an HBO series starring Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie.


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But, as many gamers know, even critically acclaimed games aren’t immune to bugs bordering on hilarious and creepy. The last of us Player Exact_Amphibian_434 recently spotted one stretching Ellie’s body as she rode Callus, causing her to twist her legs and disfigure her face. It’s a scary sight, but the player made light of it with the caption, “Hope Ellie is okay.”

Other The last of us fans in the comments posted their own jokes about the bug, saying that Ellie’s immunity had its downsides and that Ramsey wouldn’t be able to do that stunt on the show. A comment stated that Ellie had been supported by tendrils, referring to the fact that the The last of us The TV series replaced infection-spreading spores with tendrils, which drew mixed reactions online from longtime fans.

This isn’t the first time Ellie has had a gambling glitch. In November, gamer Proof-Summer1011 shared a screenshot of Ellie looking like a demon with her black body and dead eyes. and empty. The last of us fans may not see the last of these bugs anytime soon, but they certainly won’t stop them from replaying the game and reliving the story’s rollercoaster of emotions all over again. You could even say that bugs add an entertaining element at a time The last of us games, as long as they don’t completely break them.

With the official premiere of the HBO series, The last of us could have a resurgence with new fans potentially picking up the game to experience it for themselves. It is the same pattern as Cyberpunk 2077 seen when he reached a sales milestone following the success of his Netflix series cyberpunk edge runners. It also helps that The last of us will be available on PC in March, and hopefully its sequel will follow in the future.

The last of us part 1 is out now on PlayStation 5, with a PC version coming March 3, 2023.

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