Comedian annihilates woke culture in viral Oxford Union debate

Comedian annihilates woke culture in viral Oxford Union debate

Comedian annihilates woke culture in viral Oxford Union debate

Satirist and free speech activist Konstantin Kisin wiped out woke culture in an Oxford Union debate video that has since gone viral on social media.

The Oxford Union debate centered on the motion โ€œWoke culture has gone too farโ€ and featured various speakers from both sides arguing passionately for or against the merits of woke culture.

None, however, seemed to capture the internet as well as Konstantin Kisin, whose speech garnered more than five million views across all platforms over the weekend.

Throughout his nine-minute speech, Kisin eschewed cheap polemics about free speech and left-wing extremism, instead focusing on the myopic, inhuman and borderline cruel proposals that woke up adherents for tackling issues like climate change โ€“ proposals that would surely plunge millions if not billions of already impoverished human beings into even deeper poverty than they have already experienced.

Kisin accomplished this by giving climate change activists every argument they make about impending doom while still managing to illustrate the folly of their position.

For tonight, and tonight only, I will join you. I will join you in worshiping at the feet of Saint Greta of Climate Change. Except here we are in a climate emergency and our polar bear stocks are extremely low. I agree with you in this opinion. really. Now what are we to deal with this huge problem that mankind is facing. What can we do in Britain? We can only do one thing. Do you know why? This country is responsible for 2% of global carbon emissions, which means that if Britain were to sink into the sea right now, it would make absolutely no difference to the issue of climate change. Do you know why? Because the future of the climate will be decided in Asia and Latin America. By the poor. Who cares about serving the planet. Do you know why? Because they are poor.

Kisin then listed some sobering statistics about the impoverished lives of people living in these countries. For example, about 20% of Russian households don’t have any sort of indoor toilet or, as Kisin put it, a “wooden shack with a hole in the floor that contains a fermented memory collected from the last 10,000 visits.”

“How many of you are going to go home tonight and say, ‘Let’s destroy our bathroom and build a Siberian shit house in the back garden?'” Kisin asked the audience, prompting laughter. “If you’re not, why should they?”

Kisin also noted that 120 million people in China are malnourished, people whose “immune systems break down because they don’t have enough food.”

To tackle climate change, Kisin noted that the world’s poor would have to forgo technological and industrial development in order to “remain poor enough” – a prospect he called unacceptable, unrealistic and cruel.

“About 15 months ago my wife got pregnant and for nine months we talked about what our boy would look like, what he could do when he grew up,” he continued. โ€œWe looked at baby scans and YouTube videos of what the fetus looks like at nine months, 12 months and 20 months. Finally, he was born and he has this nice little bundle of joy. He’s cuter than about 80% of puppies,โ€ he continued before stating:

Now, if you told me I had a choice: either my son was at serious risk of starving or dying of a preventable disease next year, or I could press a button and he would live, he would go in school he would bring his first girlfriend home, he would go to college and graduate and become a wacky idiot and get a job and get married and have kids and become a man. But all I have to do is press this button and for every day of my son’s life, a giant plume of CO2 is going to be released into the atmosphere.

You are all very young and most of you are not parents, let me tell you something, there is not a parent in the world who would not break that button so hard that his hand was bleeding. You’re not going to make these people stay poor. You’re not even going to get them to not want to be richer. So I tell you ladies and gentlemen, there is only one thing we can do in this country to stop climate change and that is to make breakthroughs in science and technology that will create the clean energy that is not only clean but also cheap.

Kisin concluded his speech with a call for woke activists to end their worship of protest culture and outrage sessions to roll up their sleeves and get to work doing something in the world.

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