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Chinese President Xi Jinping claimed that we have eradicated extreme poverty in the country. If China is to be believed, then it has talked about creating history, President Xi Jinping has patted his back saying that he has eradicated poverty in the world’s most populous country.

Xi Jinping

In the country, 77 crore people have risen above poverty in 4 decades, according to China’s claim, now they have risen from low income group to middle income group countries.

China’s efforts to remove poverty and Chinese poverty standard

  •  China considers those earning less than $ 2.3 (about 166.67 rupees) per day extremely poor.
  •  China’s new standards, which earn $ 4.8 (349.14 rupees) or less, will be poor.
  •  China claims to have uplifted 80 million people from the status of extreme poverty so far in 40 years.
  •  In the last 5 years, China has loaned more than 1 trillion for the upliftment of the poor.
  •  30 percent transport facility has been increased.


Chinese capita income V/S Indian capita income

 India’s GDP is higher than China in terms of GDP. In such a situation, if you reduce the current claim of China from India, you will find that in this case India is already taking an edge over it.

Did Xi Jinping make claims?

  •  Xi Jinping said this in a program related to poverty, he said that the population of China is one billion 40 crores, and we have raised all the people above the poverty line even in rural.
  •  In this way, the UN’s goal of 2030 poverty reduction has already been completed 10 years ago.
  •  Since the reform process started in 1970, 77 crore people have been raised above the poverty line, in this way China has raised the poverty population of 70 percent from the entire population of the world.

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