Chase Hudson fans outraged after TikToker suddenly quits Patreon

Chase Hudson fans outraged after TikToker suddenly quits Patreon

Chase Hudson fans outraged after TikToker suddenly quits Patreon

Posted: 2023-01-16T20:26:12

Updated: 2023-01-16T20:26:20

Fans of TikTok star Chase Hudson are outraged after the singer-songwriter announced his departure from Patreon, despite promising to do a live stream for his followers.

Chase Hudson is a popular figure on social media, with over 32 million followers on TikTok.

Although known for his online presence, Hudson is also an aspiring musical artist, releasing his debut album “Teenage Heartbreak” in 2021.

As an avid online artist, Hudson is no stranger to diversifying his content and has even launched a Patreon in addition to his ongoing projects. On his Patreon, he offered some rewards to his followers, one of those rewards being “live hangouts” with fans for $8 a month.

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Copy of Lil Huddy Patreon pagePatreon, Lil Huddy

However, Hudson recently announced his departure from the platform on another show, sparking outrage among fans.

Chase Hudson quits Patreon, outrages fans

According to viewers, Hudson began a live stream as part of his Patreon rewards in December 2022, but technical difficulties prevented the stream from moving forward. Despite promising to do another stream for his followers, Hudson is quitting Patreon instead — and fans are upset.

“Is this the last month of Patreon? He read aloud a question from a live viewer in a recent stream. “Yeah it is. Patreon was kind of like a little side mission, sort of.

This statement rubbed viewers the wrong way. One fan, in particular, denounced Hudson’s claims in a lengthy rant, as posted on Instagram by tea page TeaTokTalk.

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“Fulfilling your obligations to paying subscribers is work — work you decided at some point you just didn’t want to do,” the fan wrote in a statement. “So why offer this level more then? You should have knocked us all down if you weren’t gonna [live hangouts] Longer.”

teatoktalk fan comment chase hudson patreon copyInstagram: TeaTokTalk

Other commenters also spoke about the situation, with many calling on Hudson to come out with a statement and be “held accountable” for the Patreon drama.

As of this writing, Hudson has not publicly commented on the ongoing issue. This news comes after Landon Barker teased one of his unreleased songs, which fans were completely convinced was about Hudson and Charli D’Amelio.

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