Pre-registration for FAU-G Games has started.

Pre-registration of the FAU-G game has begun. It is a game developed by Indian developers. Its pre-registration has started on the Google Play Store. This game is being launched to compete with the PUBG game. Read this post to get more information about this game.

FAU-G: Fearless and Joint-Guards
FAU-G mobile game

FAU-G Game:

This update is for all game players who like to play online games. In the hall itself, a mobile game was announced by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. Which was being launched to compete with the Korean game PUBG. In the last few years, the trend of online game play has increased considerably. And game developer companies carved out a niche among people by creating good quality games.And India is also going to launch a similar mobile game, which will challenge these mobile games. And the preparation has started.

A new mobile game is going to be launched under the ” Atmanirbhar Bharat ” campaign, which was being discussed for the last few months. This game is being made by an Indian game developer company. And now the process of its pre-registration has also started. And this is good news for players who are looking forward to the FAU-G game.

Pre-registration process for the mobile game:

  1. Pre-registration for this game has been initiated by the game developer company. And this process has been started on Google Play Store.
  2. It is currently being pre-registered for the game only, and when the game becomes available on the Play Store, its information will be available to the user.
  3. For users who have pre-registered for this, this game will be automatically downloaded on their phone. Meaning that the user will not have to download the game himself.

Which company developed this game:

  • The full name of the FAU-G game is ‘Fearless and Joint-Guards‘. And this game has been developed by ‘nCore Games‘.
  • And nCore Games is a Bangalore based company.

Location used in this game:

The starting locations for this game is Galwan Valley. Where this game begins.

Other information about this game:

This game company has said that 20% of the earnings from this game will be given to ” Bharat Ke Veer “. Which means that some part of the earnings of this game will be given to the ” Bharat Ke Veer “.

Bharat Ke Veer website: Click here

On which platform will this game be available:
  • This game is primarily designed for Android users. And for ios users, there is no information available about its launch.
  • Which means it will be available only for those whose phones support Android operating system.
  • And ‘FAU-G’ game trailer has also been launched by the game developer company.
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