America Election 2020

After the election is over, now the election results in the US have begun. And only after the result will be announced who will be the new President of America. Although all presidential candidates are making their own claims about the outcome of the election, they are winning the election, but the real result will come only after counting. Read the blog for more information.

America Election 2020:

New updates are coming in elections in America. However, voting in the US has been completed and people and Americans around the world are waiting for the results of their election. Therefore, new news related to elections are coming and updates related to elections are coming daily. Presidential candidate Joe Biden is considered to be at the forefront of presidential elections in the US.

America Election 2020
America Election 2020: Donald Trump v/s Joe Biden

american Presidential Candidates:

In addition, several US states report that Joe Biden is fast forward for the presidential candidate. Along with this, second presidential candidate Donald Trump is doing everything possible. According to information, Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump in the presidential race, and in many states he has overtaken Donald Trump.

Updates from America Election:

Pennsylvania is located in the US, and is a state in the US. Elections in the US state of Pennsylvania are almost complete and Joe Biden is ahead of Trump in the race for presidential candidate from this state. Georgia, which is a state in the United States, and the election count was completed here, and Joe Biden was ahead in the presidential race from here. And now the state of Georgia will have the votes counted again.

Joe Biden, who is a candidate for US President, is ahead of Donald Trump from several other states besides Pennsylvania. If the state of Pennsylvania is seen in the US, it plays a very important role in winning the election. Therefore, if someone wants to become president in America, Pennsylvania is also considered important for the presidency.

Donald Trump’s statement:

Former US President Donald Trump says that this time he is winning the presidential election. And he will become president of america again.

How many votes will be won:

In the US, if a candidate wants to become president, he should get 270 votes. Only then that candidate is considered victorious. In this race, Joe Biden overtook Donald Trump.

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