Elliot Page announcement.

Elliot has told the whole world about his transgender. And even the internet could not stop their love. Elliot was also formerly known as Ellen Page. But her name has also changed after being transgender. Read this post to get more information.

Elliot Page announcement.
Elliot Page transgender announcement

Elliot Page or Ellen Page:

  1. People previously knew Elliot as Ellen Page. But after being transgender people will know him by the name of Elliot.
  2. Elliot is an actor from “The Umbrella Academy” who has decided to transform himself into a transgender.
  3. ‘The Umbrella Academy’ is a TV serial making academy. Which is an American company.
  4. Elliot is an actor of 33 years. And her name has also changed after the decision to transgender.
  5. And for this decision, Elliot was also heavily supported by the LGBT (LGBTQ, GLBT) community. Only then have they taken this decision.

Transgender Announcement:

When Elliot announced her transgender. Elliot then first mentioned it on social media platforms. Only after which people got information about this.


  • Elliot Page was nominated for an Oscar Award. And it was announced on Tuesday.
  • And when he was nominated for an Oscar award, he was highly praised by the trans community and his fans.

Some words uttered by Elliot:

Elliot made some statements about his transgender, and he said a few words at the end of that statement “All My Love: Elliot.”

Some other information about it:
  1. When Elliot Page mentioned his transgender on social media, it was well received by his fans and others.
  2. Along with this, the Netflix company has also reacted to his decision.

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