British paramedics go on strike in latest blow to Britain’s National Health Service

British paramedics go on strike in latest blow to Britain’s National Health Service

British paramedics go on strike in latest blow to Britain’s National Health Service

London – Around 25,000 British paramedics have gone on strike over the second time in less than a month on Wednesday. It was the latest in a series of industrial action across several sectors of Britain’s struggling economy, as key workers face pressure to increase output as record inflation reduces government power. purchase of their income.

Health officials have warned that Wednesday’s strike will have a worse impact than the previous paramedic walkout in December, as more staff leave this time. They urged members of the public to call emergency services in life-threatening emergencies, but said non-emergency cases would not be prioritized. They clarified that some people would have to get to the hospital on their own.

The past few months have brought the biggest strikes the UK has seen in decades, disrupting rail travel, nursing, ambulances, baggage handling, customs and border forces and other services.

UK faces wave of labor strikes over festive period


Inflation in Britain has reached highest levels since 1980shitting a landmark of 11.1% in October and weighing on wages for workers in sectors that critics, including opposition political parties, have faced underinvestment for years.

Union leaders in the UK have said some public health workers, including paramedics and emergency telephone operators, are set to see their wages put below the national minimum wage.

“When people accuse us of endangering the public, I would say that it is this government that has endangered the public by systematically refusing to speak to us. There is no offer on the table,” he said. quoted Christina McAnea, quoted by the Associated Press. leader of the UNISON union, as workers on a picket line in the north of England tell it.

Nurses launch historic UK strike amid ongoing rail strike


The UK’s National Health Service is under pressure, with record waiting times for procedures and even hospital emergency admissions.

“People are waiting longer because we can’t reach them. It’s a lack of capacity in every department,” assistant paramedic Ian Grimble told the AP.

Paramedics launch second round of strike
Islington Ambulance station crew on the picket line on January 11, 2023 in London, United Kingdom.


Government officials blamed the strain on the National Health Service on seasonal flu and the aftermath of the worst months of the Covid-19 pandemicbut critics say years of underfunding, as well as a labor shortage caused by Brexitleft the country in a public health crisis.

The government, meanwhile, plans to introduce new measures that would limit the rights of workers in certain industries to strike. The new rules would impose “minimum service standards” on the railways, fire-fighting and ambulance services, which would have to be maintained during any industrial action.

Rishi Sunak leaves Downing Street for PMQs in London
Britain’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak leaves 10 Downing Street for the House of Commons to attend the weekly Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQ) in London, January 11, 2023.

Wiktor Szymanowicz/Anadolu Agency/Getty

“Nobody is denying unions the freedom to strike, but it’s also important to balance that with people’s right to access vital healthcare,” British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Wednesday.

A prominent union boss, however, said it was a deliberate attack on workers in Britain by the Conservative government.

“It is a deliberate policy of the government of this country, to lower the wages of workers from all walks of life – especially where they have influence – to make them poorer than they were before,” said Mick Lynch, who heads a railway association. union which has already organized several strikes this year, the AFP news agency said. “To me, that’s sabotage. And they wanted those strikes to happen.”

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