Atomic Core performance depends on whether players are in dungeons or the open world

Atomic Core performance depends on whether players are in dungeons or the open world

Atomic Core performance depends on whether players are in dungeons or the open world

Atomic Heart developer Mundfish says the game will run at 4K 60 FPS on next-gen hardware, but only in certain regions.

atomic heart Developer Mundfish recently confirmed that its upcoming alternate history FPS title will use the added power of next-gen hardware, but only in certain areas of the game world. The promise of top performance only extends to the game’s dungeons. and, given how far apart they are from a dungeon crawler atomic heart seems to be, it’s hard to determine the exact settings the developers are using.

First revealed in 2018, atomic heart has often been compared to BioShock franchise due to its mid-20th century setting and combat loop that seems to revolve around powers like telekinesis and pyrokinesis. It is, of course, a noble mantle to defend, especially for a previously unknown development team. However, despite a small delay and some controversies during production, atomic heart should be out in about a month and, according to the developer, it will be ready for performance on PS5 and Xbox Series X.


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Despite the relatively small size of the development studio behind atomic heartMundfish has successfully partnered with publisher Focus Home as well as the famous Loss soundtrack composer Mick Gordon. These assets have helped legitimize the production in the minds of many, and should atomic heart manage to hit the 4K 60 FPS targets set by the developer, the project has a chance to be remembered as a highlight of smaller-scale video game development. That said, according to a tweet from Mundfish, these performance metrics are only targeted in certain interior “dungeon” locations.

An area roughly resembling a dungeon can be seen in a leaked fifteen minute segment atomic heart playability. In this clip, the player escapes a trio of strange androids by slipping into an elevator that transports them to some sort of underground facility. Performance could definitely be improved in these smaller environments, although the gameplay on offer looks no less stunning. If 2017 Prey2014 Wolfenstein: The New Orderand the 2010s Singularity could be merged into one product, it just might be this one.

Regardless of title peak performance, Mundfish has a lot to lose should atomic heart suffer from poor performance. Titles we often talk about like The Callisto Protocol and Pokemon scarlet and violet received backlash from fans due to questionable performance, and it would be a shame to see another highly anticipated game replicate those mistakes. Again, even Game of the Year winner Ring of Elden raised some anger at first due to issues, so maybe the performance isn’t an ultimate benchmark.

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