Artist Shows What Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Lechonk Would Look Like in Generation 5

Artist Shows What Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Lechonk Would Look Like in Generation 5

Artist Shows What Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Lechonk Would Look Like in Generation 5

A fan artist shares his idea of ​​what Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Lechonk would have looked like if it had been made for Gen 5 in the 1990s.

An artistic talent Pokemon fan created a short video showing what he thinks of Lechonk pokemon scarlet and Purple would have looked like if it had been designed for Gen 5. This is part of a larger series showing what various Gen 9 Pokémon might have looked like in the Gen 5 art style.

Lechonk is the gray and brown Hog ​​Pokémon introduced in Generation 9. Players will find it roaming the Paldea region in 2022. pokemon scarlet and Purple. A pig-like normal-type Pokemon, its abilities include Aroma Veil or Gluttony and the hidden ability Thick Fat. Lechonk can evolve into the more powerful Oinkologne from level 18.


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TikTok user pokeillustrator shared a video showing his idea of ​​what pokemon scarlet and Purple‘s Lechonk might have looked like so PokemonLead artist Ken Sugimori and his team had created him in 1995. The retro-inspired Lechonk is a lighter shade of gray and lacks the brown circle on his face. He still has the brown tips on his ears, but they’re longer, thinner, and swept slightly to the side. His nose is flatter, giving pokeillustrator’s Lechonk a more ball-like shape, and the artist redesigned his pink hooves in white. The Italian fan artist also redesigned Lechonk’s eyes to black dots, with the yellow under his eyes simplified to dots.

Pokeillustrator has a whole series of videos showing how he thinks Gen 9 pocket monsters would look in Gen 5 Pokemon artistic style. Some of these redesigns are even more drastic than what pokeillustrator did with Lechonk. For example, Scarlet and Violet’s Pokemon Cyclizar and Koraidon had their tires reduced to black spots on their necks. The latter was also bigger in the pokeillustrator version. Many of his other illustrations veer towards the realistic animal side of Pokemon designs, downplaying the more cartoonish aspects of Gen 9. Quaxly, Fuecoco, and Greavard are some of the more extreme examples, their oversized aspects scaled down to a more plausible scale.

Lechonk’s version of Pokeillustrator is an exception in this respect, essentially keeping the same proportions. His Lechonk is also much cuter than his canon counterpart, losing the somewhat tired expression of the Gen 9 Pokémon. The retro artwork also looks flatter than the original, without the more elaborate use of shadows and from the perspective of modern design. All in all a good recreation of the art style used before Pokemon cards and the first seasons of the Pokemon Anime.

pokemon scarlet and Purple is available on Nintendo Switch.

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