Armed smuggler arrested near Arizona border

Armed smuggler arrested near Arizona border

Armed smuggler arrested near Arizona border

Border Patrol agents from the Tucson area arrested another armed smuggler near the Arizona-Mexico border. Incidents involving armed smugglers are on the rise, Border Patrol officials report.

Tucson Area Chief Patrol Officer John R. Modlin tweeted photos of a suspected smuggler arrested at a vehicle stop south of Three Points, Ariz., on Tuesday. During a search of the vehicle, officers found a Smith and Wesson pistol under the driver’s seat.

The driver, a lawful permanent resident of Mexico, had two other Mexican nationals in his vehicle, Modlin said. The driver now faces criminal charges related to the illegally possessed firearm and human trafficking.

Border Patrol officials in several areas along the US-Mexico border report increasing numbers of armed smugglers.

Last week, the Texas Rangers opened an investigation into the death of a suspected smuggler. The man died after crashing into brush following a police pursuit, Breitbart Texas reported. Police found a handgun in the vehicle.

Earlier this month, an armed smuggler shot an El Paso Sector Border Patrol agent multiple times in the chest, Breitbart Texas reported. The shots hit the officer in the chest several times. His bulletproof vest saved his life and he was able to fight back, injuring the passer.

State and federal law enforcement sources in nearly all areas of the southwest border report an increase in the number of armed smugglers. Officials say this raises concerns for the safety of officers.

San Diego Area Chief Patrol Officer Aaron Keitke reports a 50% increase in the number of firearms seized by officers in his area. In fiscal year 22, which ended September 30, 2022, officers in the San Diego area seized more than 60 firearms.

“We never know who we will encounter while patrolling the border,” Heitke said in a written statement. “Our officers are the first line of defense against smugglers who have become more aggressive and brazen in their attempts to smuggle people and narcotics into our country.”

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