Archivist Dumps Over 11GB of Concept Art, Canceled Games, and More

Archivist Dumps Over 11GB of Concept Art, Canceled Games, and More

Archivist Dumps Over 11GB of Concept Art, Canceled Games, and More

A game archivist dumps over 11GB of content, which includes concept art, scans and footage from canceled and unreleased games.

A video game archivist has just uploaded an 11GB collection of concept art, footage, photos, and similar content. The Data Archive contains rare content that has been on the Archivist’s hard drive for over a dozen years. It includes titles such as Half Life 2, Mortal Kombat 3and new games such as Larry Pocket Party Leisure Costume among others.

The Internet Archive has housed a lot of content lost over time, including rare content, magazine scans, or even old games such as unreleased. SimRefinery. It takes a lot of dedication to be able to collect articles, reviews and images that are a few years old. However, it’s even harder to find, track, and piece together material that talks about canceled or unreleased games.


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A leading archivist, VGDensetsu, recently uploaded its collection of concept art, footage, videos, photos, and articles about unreleased or canceled projects within the gaming community. The archive contains collected articles, documents, screenshots and other valuable finds that have been contributed by different parties. Some magazine scans also inhabit the archives, although no mention of magazines like Nintendo Power was included.


Some sources of the files are not indicated, because the archive took a dozen years to constitute. VGDensetsu states that their filing and document capture methodology has changed over the years, so it was difficult to keep track of all the sources involved to make this possible. The purpose of the download was to preserve the files in case they accidentally disappeared from the Archivist’s hard drive, as well as to free up hard drive space as these tend to go unused.

It’s really interesting to see completely different prototypes or versions of games. The hype of finally seeing unreleased games or in-game content adds to the mystique of the file pack. Never-before-seen footage from games such as Biological hazard illustrations or screenshots of the previously in development version of the previously canceled version Half-Life 2: Episode 3 are included in the package, which should be of interest to many eyes. It is an important duty to archive the history of video games to help preserve timeless information like this in the hope that it can be referenced by future generations.

However, with all the files included, no demos or playable versions of the games could be found. While it would have been great to see something similar to the MS-DOS Online Games Library of a few years ago, there might be some legal issues that would need to be resolved. Most of the sources provided are from public websites such as Gaming Alexandria and RetroCDN, as well as various tweets collected from different users.

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Source: VGDensetsu/Internet Archive

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