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Famous technology company Apple has announced the launch of its new headphones. And the company has fixed the price of these new headphones at around US $ 549. Read this post to get more information.

Latest-tech-update: Apple Airpods Max
Apple Airpods Max Headphone

Announcement by Apple Company:

  1. Apple is one of the largest companies in the world. Who are quite famous for their products. The products of this company are in great demand worldwide. And the company’s products are well liked by the people.
  2. The company made an announcement on Tuesday. In which the company told that they are going to launch their new headphones.
  3. The company’s new headphones will be based on over noise. Which means that these earphones are designed for customers who do not want over-ear phones.
  4. The company’s upcoming earphones will be similar to AirPods. And these headphones will be a better version of AirPods.

By what name will the company launch these headphones:

  • According to the Apple company, these new headphones will be launched under the name “Airpods Max”.
  • And these new upcoming headphones of the company will be similar to the headphones of Sony and Bose. And these new headphones from Apple company will provide noise reduction for customers.
  • The company will launch the upcoming AirPods Max headphones with a stainless steel frame.

When will the AirPods Max headphones launch:

  1. According to the information given by the company, these new headphones being launched as “AirPods Max” will be launched in the month of December itself.
  2. And the company has given the launch date of this AirPods headphones on 15 December. That is, it can be available to customers only after 15 December.

Features of AirPods Max Headphones:

  • These new headphones from Apple will work on voice commands. Meaning that users can also use the virtual assistant Apple Siri through these headphones.
  • In addition, these will be based on over-year noise-cancellation in headphones. Along with this, the user will also get the option of noise cancelling in these headphones.
  • And with the help of its voice command feature, users can also pair iPhone. Or can connect to it.
  • Along with this, the Digital Crown feature in headphones is also available to the user.
  • Apart from this, it has also been claimed by the Apple company that the battery of this headphone is capable of lasting about 20 hours. This means that once charged, these headphones can give a backup of about 20 hours.
  • In addition, the company has designed these new headphones according to the transparency mode. Suppose a user is walking on a busy road, then he can set the mode according to the environment of his surroundings. Apart from this, there is also the facility to set the mode according to the TV and speaker.

Airpods Max Price:
  1. The price of this new headphone from the Apple company has been fixed at about $ 549.

Some other information:

The new headphones launched by the company, which feature noise-cancelling, are similar to the headphones of Sony and Bose. This means that Airpods Max will compete with Sony and Bose headphones.

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