Apple set to add touchscreens to Macbook Pro in 2025

Apple set to add touchscreens to Macbook Pro in 2025

Apple set to add touchscreens to Macbook Pro in 2025

After years of refusing to implement touchscreens in its computers, Apple seems to have relented and is working on a new MacBook Pro with a touchscreen, reports Bloomberg.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman(Opens in a new window)the MacBook Pro is slated for release in 2025 and, “if all goes according to plan,” the company will likely bring touchscreens to other Macs.

As Gurman notes, most major computer manufacturers like Microsoft, Alphabet Inc’s Google, Asus, and Dell offer laptops with touchscreens and have done so for years.

Since two of Apple’s current goals are to unify software and services across all of its devices and to leverage its share of the personal computer market, this decision is both logical and commercial, notes Gurman.

Currently, the closest Apple users can use a laptop with a touchscreen by purchasing a Magic Keyboard, connecting it to an iPad, and using an iPad-supported trackpad or mouse since 2020.

In previous years, Apple openly ridiculed the concept of including touchscreens on computers as its competitors rolled out touchscreens on their laptops and computers. The company defended its choice not to implement touchscreens because it would be “terrible from an ergonomic point of view”, while saying that macOS would not offer a good touchscreen experience anyway.

With the Touch Bar, Apple has somewhat toyed with the touchscreen capability on Macs while avoiding rolling it out completely. Released in 2016 on new MacBook Pro models, the thin OLED strip fits just above the keyboard and allows users to adjust volume and access tools and apps by touch. It was shelved as a feature in 2021, with current MacBook Pro designs featuring physical buttons instead.

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Apple did not immediately respond to PCMag’s request for comment.

Meanwhile, Apple is also reportedly gearing up to launch its first microLED displays, which Gurman says offer “brighter and better color reproduction and can be viewed from more angles.”

The displays are expected to appear in an Apple Watch Ultra update late next year before potentially rolling out to the iPhone “a few years later”, reports Bloomberg.

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