Animal Crossing Fan Crafts Beautiful Stained Glass Game Sheet Art

Animal Crossing Fan Crafts Beautiful Stained Glass Game Sheet Art

Animal Crossing Fan Crafts Beautiful Stained Glass Game Sheet Art

An Animal Crossing fan shares the handcrafted stained glass artwork he created themed around the life sim’s iconic leaf logo.

A fan of animal crossing recently shared online that they have handcrafted a beautiful stained glass artwork of the game’s leaf logo. Very well known within the gaming community, the leaf logo often appears in Animal Crossing: New Horizonsparticularly in the branding and promotional materials for Tom Nook’s company game, Nook Inc.

This is probably not the first time animal crossing fans took inspiration from the leaf logo, given how iconic it is to the series. Recently, some fans have even turned the leaf logo into animal crossing Christmas decorations they can hang on their trees or around their homes for whenever the holidays come around. With the way this fan created their stained glass artwork, they can basically do the same thing. They’ll be able to have a piece of Nintendo’s Life Sim series hanging in their home or favorite living spaces.


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On Reddit, user jennybead showed off the beautiful animal crossing piece of art they made of the game’s leaf logo using stained glass. In the photo they shared, the object was exposed to sunlight, showcasing the beautiful reflection effect it had on the wall behind the artist’s hand. Proudly stating that the piece is handmade in the photo, the artist appears to have crafted it beautifully, including precisely small details such as the distinct leaf lines of the logo and the missing circular piece at the bottom. Jennybead also used two shades of green to make the design more dynamic.

Lots of comrades animal crossing fans on the reddit thread were very impressed with jennybead’s work, especially since stained glass making can be quite challenging. One even said he would love to hang this piece in his window, next to his owl planters. Many also expressed interest in buying the artist’s pieces, and one even jokingly asked how many bells the piece cost. The artist humorously replied that they would take loans, referencing Tom Nook’s loan schemes on the show.

According to the artist’s profile, this isn’t the first stained glass they’ve done from Nintendo video games. Some of their other work includes drawings of Pokemon, Kirbyand Super Mario. Hope this animal crossing the leaf logo artwork they created won’t be the last. With so many iconic features and characters in animal crossingfans are likely hoping the artist will produce more stained glass inspired by the life sim series in the future.

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