Andrew Tate shows up in court in Romania with a Quran

Andrew Tate shows up in court in Romania with a Quran

Andrew Tate shows up in court in Romania with a Quran

Andrew Tate holds a Quran as he arrives in a Romanian court on Tuesday to appeal a 30-day detention ordered after he was arrested in connection with a criminal investigation last month.

Tate, 36, was handcuffed to his brother, Tristan, who was also arrested in connection with the investigation into allegations of sex trafficking and rape. Two Romanian women were also seen handcuffed outside the courthouse.

All four were taken into custody after Tate’s home in the Eastern European country was raided on December 29 pending a criminal investigation. All four denied any wrongdoing and contested the arrest warrant.

Prosecutors allege Tate and her brother lured women into an exploitative scheme by pretending to want romantic relationships with them. According to authorities, the alleged victims were coerced into pornography under the threat of physical violence, resulting in large sums of money.

One of the Tate brothers was also charged with raping one of the victims in March 2022 early in the investigation, prosecutors say.

“The possibility that the suspects evade investigation, leave Romania and settle in countries that do not allow extradition given their financial possibilities and public comments in this regard cannot be ignored,” he said. writes the court judge in the docket approving the arrest.

If the Romanian court upholds the arrest warrant, prosecutors could seek an extension of the detentions for up to 180 additional days.

A spokesman for DIICOT, Romania’s organized crime unit, told Reuters that prosecutors had seized more than 10 properties and 15 luxury vehicles belonging to defendants in the case to prevent the concealment or sale actives.

Tate’s car collection also featured in the public Twitter spat the British-born American had with Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg in the days before his arrest. Authorities said Tate’s social media posts confirmed his presence in Romania, although it’s unclear whether his viral exchange with Thunberg played a role in his arrest.

The former kickboxing champion apparently converted to Islam late last year. Critics have accused the self-proclaimed sexist of “faith washing” in a bid to rehabilitate his reputation.

Tate once bragged on a podcast about using multiple girlfriends to make money through video chats and split the profits with him. He claimed to have 75 women working for him, generating $600,000 a month at the height of the operation.

He also said he moved to Romania following a UK sexual assault investigation that was eventually dropped. Tate added that he wanted to live in a society where “corruption is accessible to everyone”.

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