Ana Walshe: blood, hatchet and hacksaw found on landfill in search of missing woman

Ana Walshe: blood, hatchet and hacksaw found on landfill in search of missing woman

Ana Walshe: blood, hatchet and hacksaw found on landfill in search of missing woman

Blood, a hatchet, a hacksaw, a rug and cleaning supplies were found in trash bags at a transfer station searching for missing mother Ana Walshe in Massachusetts.

Officers with police dogs made the discovery Monday in Peabody, north of Boston, the local CBS station reported.

The 39-year-old mother of three was last seen on January 1 after a New Year’s Eve dinner at her Cohasset residence with her husband and a friend.

Her husband, Brian Walshe, 47, has been accused of misleading authorities seeking to find his wife. He pleaded not guilty on Monday and is being held on $500,000 bond.

The find of the objects was shared with WBZ-TV but was not confirmed by a spokesman for Norfolk District Attorney Michael Morrissey in a statement shared on Tuesday.

“The search activity conducted north of Boston yesterday yielded a number of items which will now be processed and tested to determine if they have evidentiary value for this investigation. No details on these details will not be disclosed at this time,” spokesman David Traub said.

The Walshes’ three young boys are in the care of the Department of Children and Families.

A bloody knife was discovered in the basement of the Walshe home, prosecutors said during Mr. Walshe’s hearing on Monday. He allegedly bought cleaning supplies for $450 after his wife disappeared.

Brian Walshe of Cohasset faces a judge in Quincy Court charged with obstructing the investigation into the disappearance of his wife Ana from their home on Monday, January 9, 2023

(2022 The Patriot Register)

Mr Walshe wore a surgical mask and gloves when buying the supplies in cash, according to a police report.

his car was seized with evidence indicating it was recently cleaned, according to CBS Boston.

“The house treatment can be finished today or tomorrow,” Mr Traub said on Tuesday. “There are no anticipated fee changes or adjustments in place in this matter at this time.”

The husband alleged Ms Walshe left the rented house around 4am on January 1 to drive to Boston’s Logan Airport by carpooling or taxiing to Reagan National Airport in the US capital. But she never got into an Uber or Lyft, prosecutors said at arraignment Monday.

Mr. Walshe told police that Ms. Walshe left early on New Year’s Day due to a “work emergency”, an affidavit of arrest says.

(NBC Boston)

“Ana got ready and kissed him goodbye and told him to go back to sleep,” Mr Walshe told police, the affidavit states.

Ms Walshe’s phone rang around the residence on January 1 and 2, police said.

“The fact that he was asked a specific question and gave a false answer that led the investigators out of the area caused an obvious delay in the search for the missing person, Ana Walshe”, adds the affidavit.

Mr Walshe said he left home on New Year’s afternoon to visit his mother in Swampscott, around an hour’s drive away.

“At the time, Walshe did not have a cell phone, so he did not use GPS,” officials said. Mr Walshe is said to have claimed that one of his children could have picked up the phone at some point when they celebrated the New Year.

“Walshe said he went to his mother’s house by the road to Derby Street in Hingham, Route 3 North, Route 93 via Boston, and instead of taking Route 1A he got lost and took route 1, then maybe route 114”, states the legal filing. “Walshe said the trip should have taken 60-70 minutes, but ended up taking about 90 minutes.”

‘There are no searches planned in public areas today, but that could change if detective work develops other areas of potential investigation,’ Mr Traub added.

“Police were told around January 4 by her employees in Washington, D.C. that she had not reported for work on January 4. This was the first time (anyone) had been notified of her disappearance. “said Norfolk Assistant District Attorney Lynn Beland. said during his court appearance on Monday, WCVB reported. “She actually had a plane ticket for January 3 which she didn’t use and didn’t show up at the airport.”

Ms. Walshe worked for the real estate company Tishman Speyer.

Mr Walshe said he only left the residence on January 2 to buy ice cream, but Home Depot surveillance footage shows him buying the cleaning supplies – which included mops, a bucket, drop cloths and several types of duct tape, officials said.

“He is under surveillance at this time, January 2, even though he said he never left the house. Police obtained a search warrant and actually searched the house with crime scene services. During this time, they found blood in the basement. Blood was found in the basement, along with a knife, which also contained blood,” Ms Beland said.

Friends of Ms Walshe said she traveled to Washington, DC during the week for a job she started in 2022 and the family had a townhouse in the capital, but there was no no sign of Ms. Walshe in this residence.

Mr Walshe’s lawyer told the WCVB he had been “incredibly cooperative” with the authorities.

“He is not charged with murder. He is charged with misleading investigators by not saying, as I understand it, whether he went to a Home Depot,” the attorney said.

Mr Walshe’s next court appearance is scheduled for February 9.

Ms Walshe was born in Belgrade, Serbia, and was working at the Wheatleigh Hotel in Lenox when she met Mr Walshe in 2008. After their marriage in 2015, they had three sons aged two to six.

Ms Walshe has dual American and Serbian citizenship, where she still has family, Acting Consul General Olga Vlacic told the country’s consulate in New York, according to WCVB.

“All of Serbia is following the media reports of Ana’s disappearance and we are all united in hope and prayer for Ana’s safe return, despite the latest grim developments,” she wrote. . “Our hearts go out to his family and especially his young children, who deserve to be reunited with their mother.”

Authorities found Mr. Walshe had searched online for how to dismember a body and “how to dispose of a 115-pound woman’s body,” CNN reported.

“We are devastated. Ana is such a beacon of love and joy,” family friend Peter Kirby told CNN in a statement. “She lights up every room. We miss her and are doing everything we can to support her 3 beautiful children.

Mr Walshe was convicted of fraud and other charges in 2018 after selling fake Andy Warhol paintings two years earlier, according to the New York Post.

Mr Walshe was under house arrest, which included wearing an ankle bracelet, pending his 2018 fraud conviction. In the week his wife disappeared, he made several unauthorized trips, including the one at Home Depot to buy cleaning products.

Mr. Walshe was charged in May 2018 following FBI allegations that he sold two fake Warhol paintings on eBay, according to a criminal complaint, according to CNN. The federal agency said Mr Walshe or his wife used his account on the online sales platform to sell the two paintings in November 2016.

He was indicted by a federal grand jury in October 2018 for wire fraud, interstate transportation for fraud, possession of converted property and illegal monetary transaction. Last year he pleaded guilty to three of the counts. He also agreed to return or pay for artwork he had agreed to sell for a friend but never made.

“Brian has worked tirelessly to break his family’s past habits and we all look forward to the new chapter in his life,” Ms Walshe wrote in a letter to court dated June 1 last year.

A week before she disappeared, Ms Walshe asked her mother to come visit her from Serbia. Milanka Ljubicic, 69, said Fox News Digital that “she just said, ‘Please, mom. Come tomorrow'”.

“Which means clearly there must have been some issues,” she added. She told Fox that Ms Walshe asked her mother on December 25 to come to the United States the next day.

Ms Ljubicic suggested she come a little later, but her daughter said she didn’t have to.

“And now I can’t forgive myself for not just letting things go where they can, and going, and whatever happens to me happens,” the mother said. She added that she missed two phone calls from Ms Walshe around midnight on New Year’s Eve. She also allegedly called her older sister and her bridesmaid, who also missed her calls.

“And now I’m sorry I didn’t get the phone, because she’s gone,” Ms Ljubicic told Fox.

“That something happened, I can’t believe it,” she added. “In total, I spent 16 months with my son-in-law and I never noticed anything wrong with my son-in-law.”

“I can’t believe he ever did anything to her,” she told the outlet. “He told the police that everything was fine with Ana.”

“I have only one wish, and that is for my daughter to be alive,” she added.

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