An overwhelming majority of travelers expect readers to plan to travel abroad and take longer trips in 2023

An overwhelming majority of travelers expect readers to plan to travel abroad and take longer trips in 2023

An overwhelming majority of travelers expect readers to plan to travel abroad and take longer trips in 2023

The results of The journey awaits youThe 2023 State of Travel Survey has arrived and shows that travel is increasing for people aged 50 and over.

“It’s always exciting to see where our readers, travelers aged 50 and over, plan to go,” said Missy Glassmaker, senior vice president of The journey awaits you. “This year, the number of people willing to explore both domestically and internationally is incredible. After achieving a world without travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, I don’t expect this trend to change in coming years.

We asked our readers about their travel plans for 2023. Responses were collected between November 27 and December 19, 2022, through our newsletter, Facebook communities and on-site promotion.

So let’s go straight there. Here are some key findings from The journey awaits you State of Travel Survey 2023.

Number of trips planned in 2023

Our first question: “How many trips do you plan to make in 2023?” The big takeaway? People pack their year with travel.

Only 5% of respondents said they only planned to take one trip this year. Twenty-two percent plan to take two and 24% said they plan to take three. There was a drop to four trips (17%) and five trips (8%), but a huge increase at the highest response on the scale, with 24% of our readers planning to take 6 or more trips.

If you want to travel more in 2023, you might want to set some goals for yourself. The journey awaits you‘ own Louisa Rogers shared hers.

Duration of trips in 2023

We also asked our readers how many days their longest trip will be in 2023. As you might expect from a group of people who like to read about travel, their responses were heavily biased in favor of travel. longer.

Around 9% of respondents said their longest journeys would take between 1 and 6 days. Nineteen percent set a maximum of 7-9 days and 21% believe they will reach 10-12 days.

Here is the big one: a huge 52 percent of respondents said their longest trip this year will be 13 days or more.

If you are one of the long haulers, the road trip may be right for you. Clayton McKibbon has rounded up our readers’ favorite road trips from 2022.

National, international or both types of travel?

Another key question in the 2023 State of Travel Survey asked readers whether they planned to travel domestically, internationally, or both. The responses yielded another striking distribution.

Nearly 23% of respondents said they plan to travel only domestically this year. Just under 7% only plan to travel abroad this year.

What is remarkable, however, is the number of The journey awaits you readers who indicated that they are planning both types of travel in 2023: 70 percent of them said they will travel domestically and abroad this year.

Everyone interviewed, of course, was happy to share where they were planning to go. Here are their main international destinations.

Know you can go there

Whether you’re planning a domestic trip, an international trip, or both types of travel, be sure to read our updates on your favorite destinations, activities, and points of interest.

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