Air India CEO apologizes for airborne urination incident and promises to act

Air India CEO apologizes for airborne urination incident and promises to act

Air India CEO apologizes for airborne urination incident and promises to act

  • Air India CEO Campbell Wilson has apologized for his handling of a mid-air urination incident.
  • A “heavily intoxicated” man in business class had been accused of urinating on a woman in November.
  • The airline is reviewing its policy on serving alcohol during flights, Wilson said in a statement.

Air India’s CEO has issued an apology for the airline’s handling of an in-flight urination incident and said it was reviewing its policy regarding alcohol service on flights.

In a published statement On the airline’s Twitter account, Campbell Wilson said: “Air India is deeply concerned about in-flight cases where customers have suffered as a result of the reprehensible acts of their co-passengers on board our aircraft. We regret and are pained by these experiences.”

He added: “Air India recognizes that it could have handled these issues better, both in the air and on the ground, and is committed to action.”

Following the incident, four cabin crew members and a pilot were removed from rotation while investigations continued.

The Hindu reported on Wednesday that a “heavily drunk” man in business class urinated on a woman on an Air India flight from New York to Delhi on November 26.

Indian media reported that the employee lived in Mumbai and was Vice Chairman of Wells Fargo. The US bank said in a statement on Friday that the employee had been terminated, but did not comment on his identity.

Wilson said the airline was taking steps to prevent such incidents in the future, including revising its alcohol service policy and improving the internal communications system allowing crew to file reports before landing.

The CEO also said the victim received “continued assistance” from the airline after receiving the complaint on November 27. His tickets were refunded on December 2 and he had met her and her family four times.

Following one of their meetings, the victim asked the airline to file a complaint with the police, which she did on December 28.

The man was banned from flying on Air India for 30 days, according to Wilson’s statement.

“Air India and its staff will continue to cooperate fully with affected passengers, as well as regulators and law enforcement authorities, as they investigate these cases,” he added.

Air India did not immediately respond to a request for further comment from Insider.

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