A Call of Duty Zombies fan makes an adorable mystery box to store his jewelry

A Call of Duty Zombies fan makes an adorable mystery box to store his jewelry

A Call of Duty Zombies fan makes an adorable mystery box to store his jewelry

A Call of Duty: Zombies fan proudly shows off a video of the surprisingly adorable jewelry box he created themed around the game’s Mystery Boxes.

A gamer found an unusual source of inspiration when designing their new jewelry box, drawing inspiration from the ubiquitous Mystery Box that pops up everywhere Call of Duty Zombies. Although there is no shortage of new zombie games for players to enjoy, Call of Duty: Zombies and its follow-ups have earned a special place in the hearts of many shooter fans.

Debuting in the 2008 version of Treyarch, Call of Duty World at Warthe horror-themed Zombies mode has become a staple of the Call of Duty franchise in subsequent years. Beginning as a simple horde mode mini-game that tasked players with taking down wave after wave of Nazi zombies, the popular mode became a hit with players and grew and expanded in subsequent appearances. Call of DutyZombies mode has now appeared in multiple franchise entries, with the lore behind the game mode gradually expanding into a fully fleshed out Zombies storyline that ties Treyarch’s games together. The game mode has become so popular that it has even led players to create Call of Duty Zombies cards in Fortnite and other titles.


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In a new post on the r/CODZombies subreddit, user 1hga1 showed off a video of the adorable jewelry box they created based on the Mystery Box from Call of Duty Zombies. Adorned with question marks hinting at the mysterious wares hidden within, this awe-inspiring creation is a spitting image of its in-game counterpart. Mystery Boxes function as random in-game weapon dispensers that allow players to build their arsenal to take on the hordes of zombies, but this unique fan creation seems to work just as well to protect the jewels from prying eyes.

fans of Call of Dutyit is Zombies modes were impressed with the creative homage, with several reviewers complimenting the impressive creation. Referencing the teddy bear that sometimes appears in the Mystery Box, causing the box to instantly disappear to another location on the map with its contents in tow, one player joked that finding one at the interior could cause problems when the jewelry box flies away while deciding what accessories to wear for the day. Another user suggested that 1hga1 incorporate the ubiquitous jingle that alerts players to the presence of a Mystery Box when playing. Call of Duty: Zombiescausing 1hga1 to clarify that the jingle actually plays when the box is opened.

For gamers who are still eagerly awaiting the appearance of a Zombies mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, this unique homage to the popular mode could help provide a fun distraction to pass the time. And while its contents won’t help mow down hordes of zombies like its in-game counterpart, this Mystery Box is sure to grab everyone’s attention. Call of Duty Zombies fan who crosses him.

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