8 reasons why a two or three night cruise may be right for you

8 reasons why a two or three night cruise may be right for you

8 reasons why a two or three night cruise may be right for you

A shorter cruise is a great way to introduce yourself to cruising. Royal Caribbean offers three-night cruises to Ensenada from Los Angeles and several three-night options to the Bahamas from Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Disney Cruise Line offers similar itineraries from the West Coast, Miami and Port Canaveral, plus a two-night option from San Diego to Ensenada. Norwegian and Carnival offer three-night cruises to the Bahamas from Miami. Carnival even offers a few two-night cruises from Miami.

I could go on and list various options for all cruise lines, but you get the gist. Short cruises are one thing, so let’s talk about why you’d want to take one.

I have been on three three night cruises and three two night cruises. I have a four night cruise coming up, which almost counts, right? Here are what I think are good reasons to go on these shorter cruises.

I was recently hosted by Royal Caribbean on a media cruise.

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas

Three-night cruises are currently available from Miami to the Bahamas on Freedom of the Seas.

Photo credit: Royal Caribbean

1. It’s your first cruise

Shorter cruises are great options for travelers who are hesitant to take a cruise. While I think cruises are a great way to vacation, they’re not for everyone. If the thought of being ‘trapped’ on a ship for seven days when you’re not sure if that’s your thing is what’s keeping you from booking a cruise, check out one of the shortest crossings.

If you’re prone to motion sickness and worried about booking a week-long trip where you’ll be sick, book a shorter cruise. Modern cruise ships have outriggers and although motion varies by location and is influenced by weather, most cruise passengers can handle seasickness. In good weather, most cruises in the Bahamas, and the Caribbean in general tend to be rather calm. Deep sea shipping tends to rock and roll.

Children's pool area on deck of Royal Caribbean's Wonder of the Seas

Children’s aquatic area on the deck of Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas. If you’re choosing a shorter cruise because you’re not sure it’s suitable for your kids, select a line known to accommodate families.

Photo credit: Royal Caribbean

2. You are traveling with young children

For parents or grandparents taking a child on a cruise for the first time, the idea can sometimes be a bit daunting. There seems to be a universal fear among parents of young children of their child falling overboard or trying to climb over the railing. While extremely unlikely to happen, it’s a valid fear for a parent who has never sailed or sailed with a living child.

Most cruise ships have great children’s programming – and if you have kids, you’ll want to make sure you choose a cruise line that caters to families, like Royal Caribbean or Disney. The rails on the deck are too high for someone to accidentally fall overboard. If you’re really worried about a child trying to climb over the railings, it’s easy enough to stay in more enclosed areas and choose a cabin that offers a gate rather than a balcony.

3. You’re running out of time

One of the things I enjoy most about being independent is that my vacation days are when I say they are. Not true for my husband, however. It gets a certain number of days per year and we have to be strategic about how we use those days. The idea is to enjoy our free time and save a few days of his time off for “just in case” situations.

There are many short cruises that sail over a weekend, which can minimize the number of vacation days you take. If you have school-aged children, short cruises reduce the number of instructional days they will miss. You may not be able to take a week off, but taking three days off is usually a lot less hassle.

Royal Caribbean Dedicated Terminal in Galveston Texas

If you live near a port of embarkation, a two- or three-night cruise might be right for you. Pictured: Royal Caribbean’s dedicated terminal in Galveston, Texas.

Photo credit: Royal Caribbean

4. You live near the port

If you live near your cruise ship’s departure port, you can save time and money on your cruise trip. One of my strict cruise rules is to be in port the day before my ship departs. In most cases, this means a flight and a hotel room, but if you live near the port, you may be able to comfortably arrive at the port on the day of your departure.

I live about 250 miles from the port of Galveston, which is about a three and a half hour drive. Although my personal preference is to be in port the day before my departure no matter what, I could leave early in the morning and probably have no trouble meeting my arrival time. Minimal travel to port eases the logistics of a shorter cruise.

5. You are looking for the status of the cruise line

Whether this is your first cruise or your twentieth cruise, be sure to enroll in the cruise line’s loyalty status when you sign up for a cruise. Each cruise line operates differently, but in general, registration tracks your cruises and you will earn points or tiers for each cruise or for each night you sail. These benefits add up in a variety of ways, ranging from perks like early boarding times to onboard gifts to credits toward future cruises. If a cruise line rewards you for the number of cruises taken, doing multiple short cruises or even back-to-back cruises can raise your status faster. It’s important to weigh the benefits of building your vacation around earning higher status, so be sure to look at things from all angles when deciding to take a short cruise just to get points or level up. ‘a level.

Disney's Wish

The Disney Wish currently operates three- and four-night sailings from Port Canaveral, so it’s easy to see the line’s newest ship on a short cruise.

Photo credit: Disney Cruise Line

6. Be the first to see a new ship

Disney’s latest ship, the Disney Wish, has generated a lot of excitement and fanfare. It had been many years since a new ship joined what had been a four-ship fleet for a very long time and Disney Cruise loyalists wanted to peek inside at the earliest opportunity. Currently, the Disney Wish exclusively operates three- and four-night sailings from Port Canaveral and these short cruises allow fans of the line to take a look at what’s on board, although reviews have been rather mixed.

Even for a line that regularly adds new (and usually larger and more luxurious) ships, like Royal Caribbean, frequent customers sometimes want the latest and greatest experience first. I sailed on a special cruise from Royal Caribbean’s newest and largest cruise ship (in fact the largest in the world) Wonder of the Seas, and we were flown to Coco Cay, the company’s private island Bahamas cruise with Anthem of the Seas. While enjoying the beach, I struck up a conversation with a family who was sailing Anthem who asked a ton of questions about what the newest and greatest Wonder was like, and said they were going to ask their agent travel to watch cruises on the wonder of the seas.

7. Extend a week of vacation

It’s no secret that Orlando is the theme park capital of the world. If you’re traveling with kids or have a multi-generational travel group, big theme parks like Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando Resort have big appeal. However, unless you’re a mega theme park fan, most adults don’t find these types of vacations relaxing.

If you like the idea of ​​spending three or four days relaxing on a cruise ship after a marathon rope fall at a fireworks park, consider combining your trip to a theme park with a short cruise to the departure from Port Canaveral. Port Canaveral is 45 minutes from Orlando and most major cruise lines offer bus service from Orlando International Airport. Car rental and ride sharing are also options for getting from Orlando to Port Canaveral.

Enchanted Restaurant on the Disney Wish

Enchanted Restaurant on the Disney Wish

Photo credit: Disney Cruise Line

8. Splurging is easier

If getting one of the biggest and most luxurious suites on a cruise ship is a travel goal, it’s better for your wallet to book one for a shorter cruise. Concierge cabins or suites have more space and are equipped with other amenities such as a private lounge or access to a terrace, raised toiletries and linens, priority boarding, etc.

The price of all cruises increases with the number of nights you sail, so what would be well over budget for a seven-night cruise might be doable for a three-night cruise. Only you can decide if the extra luxury is worth a shorter trip, but one of the above factors will likely be in play and will help influence your decision.

Tips for getting the most out of a short cruise

The temptation to do it all and see it all can be incredibly daunting. When you take a short cruise, you probably won’t be able to see all the shows and taste all the food. If your goal is to relax and unwind, you may need to make loose plans about what you want to do on board or swear to remember not to pressure yourself to do all the things.

  • Consider skipping shore excursions
  • Be okay with leaving some stones unturned
  • Download the app and check in online
  • Get into the boarding group as early as possible to maximize your time on board

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