5 essential tips for the start of the game

5 essential tips for the start of the game

5 essential tips for the start of the game

One Piece Odyssey doesn’t tell you everything you need to know in its first few hours. The game encourages experimentation in its long playtime, but all of its random encounters might inspire you to rush through the grind and straight to boss battles and action-packed cutscenes. Here are some tips and tricks to start your One Piece Odyssey playthrough.

5. Swap Characters For Type Benefits

One Piece Odyssey features a turn-based combat system with three different types: Power, Speed, and Technique. Technique trumps power, power trumps speed, and speed trumps technique. Always lean into these type weaknesses when possible, even if it means a few turns to switch characters. Players can switch characters infinitely without consuming a turn, so you can swap characters between different areas based on which ones have type advantages. Also, consider switching characters to take advantage of moves that can take out multiple enemies at once.

4. Enable Speed ​​Up and Auto Battle Options

Attack animations in Odyssey are extremely cool at first, but they can get old quickly. Use the “Accelerate” option (right trigger button for controllers and C for keyboards) to fast forward through attack animations for your party and enemies. It will stay on until you turn it off, which you can do by pressing the same button again.

Some players are even reporting favorable results with Auto Battle. It’s in the In-Battle Tactics menu under the Change Battle Mode section. There you should see the option to switch between Manual Battle and Auto Battle. Auto Battle mode won’t switch characters between areas, so you’ll have to do this yourself to make sure type weaknesses line up. If you find yourself in a sticky situation or about to engage in a boss battle, it might be time to turn off auto-battle and take matters into your own hands.

Also, just run away from battles if you can tell it will be a waste of time and you don’t want to consume your resources anymore.

3. Check every corner of the map

It’s easy to get stuck One Piece Odyssey. Chopper, the Straw Hats’ Healer, can pass through small holes in the wall that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. If you’re ever wondering where to go, look for those holes where Chopper could possibly fit. Once I even made it climb between a gap in a crooked bar door.

Another tip: Look for ledges you can jump to or jump back to in all corners of the map to make sure you don’t miss anything.

2. Exploit enemy weaknesses

One Piece Odyssey actually has other type benefits and resistances outside of the Power, Speed, and Technique triangle. Sometimes a “weak” or “resistance” tag will appear when selecting a move in a character’s skill menu. The primary type trio will always be the most important, but these secondary weaknesses can help make an attack even more devastating. For example, Nami’s Happiness Punch attack only affects humanoid males and has a higher chance of inflicting “Charm” status on them.

However, these weaknesses do not replace the type’s overall advantage. If you attack a powerful enemy with a fast character that has a skill it is “weak” to, the attack will likely be even weaker than that of a technical character. If you lack characters strong against a particular enemy type during battle, settle for those that deal neutral (rather than resistant) damage. Only use disadvantaged characters with “weak” movement if they’ve proven they can still do tons of damage from props, or if you want to inflict a status condition.

1. Stack the accessories

Each character has an accessory grid instead of the typical “slots” that other RPGs like Xenoblade Chronicles 3 have for their characters. You might not find enough props or you won’t have enough money to fill everyone’s grid at first, but insert them as you get them or buy them in Yoisa stores when you have the chance. Also, sell low stat accessories when you no longer need them.

Accessories are becoming increasingly important due to their ability to increase stats. For example, boosting Nami’s ATK enough can allow her to KO multiple enemies with one hit in different areas with Thunderbolt Tempo. A high enough DEF stat can also help characters survive special attacks during boss fights. Battles start to increase in difficulty around halfway through the game, so boosting your characters can help them speed up fights and increase their survivability.

One Piece Odyssey is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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